Your tour of the Royal-Imperial Route can turn into an excellent biking adventure. Seen from the vantage point of a bicycle seat, the story of Poznań and its residents takes on a new energy and dynamic. Within just a few moments, you can move around the city’s historic areas, or enjoy a moment’s respite surrounded by nature and stunning architecture.


The Royal-Imperial Route offers many amenities for cyclists.

Bicycle paths, cycling lanes and cyclist-friendly slow-traffic zones (with a speed limit of 30 km per hour) make it easy to reach the most fascinating parts of town. You can find them by following the well-marked Royal-Imperial Route. The Route forms the quickest and shortest trail connecting the historic parts of Poznań.

Convenient bicycle racks have been put up near the vast majority of historic sights. You can safely chain your bike to any of them.

The Royal-Imperial Route can also be seen by using the Poznań City Bike. City Bikes can be rented at any of the numerous stations located along the Route. The Poznań City Bike system is usually open from March to the end of November.

Learn more about the Poznań City Bike

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