In the 19th century, Poznań aspired to a dually central role: as a centre of Polish national life in Prussia as well as the administrative capital of a region which the Prussian authorities strove to turn into the cultural capital of the “German East”. This was reflected in the public and private institutions established in the city. The institutions were all unique in their nature and scope of activity. Many of them were housed in grand buildings whose appearance revealed the purpose they served.


ACCESS VIA PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION Coming from the train station, you can reach the Śródmieście District directly by tram: get on at the Poznań Główny or Most Dworcowy stops and get off at the Zamek, al. MarcinkowskiegoFredry or Pl. Cyryla Ratajskiego stops. How to pay for public transit. The Poznań Electronic City Card (PEKA). ACCESS BY CAR A pay parking zone is in place throughout the entire city centre. Parking fees information SIGHTSEEING
CITY INFORMATION CENTRE ul. Ratajczaka 44 Mon.–Fri. 10am–7pm Sat. 10am–5pm
POZNAŃ NATIONAL MUSEUM GALLERY OF PAINTING AND SCULPTURE al. Marcinkowskiego 9 Tue.–Thu. 9am–3pm, Fri. 12noon–9pm Sat.–Sun. 11am–6pm
RACZYŃSKI LIBRARY pl. Wolności 19 Mon.–Fri. 9am–8pm Sat. 10am–5pm
ÓSMEGO DNIA THEATRE ul. Ratajczaka 44
POLSKI THEATRE ul. 27 Grudnia 8/10 www.teatr–
LIBRARY OF POZNAŃ SOCIETY OF THE FRIENDS OF SCIENCES ul. Mielżyńskiego 27/29 Mon.–Tue. 11am–7pm Wed.–Fri. 9am–5pm
On the Route you must visit Former District Court building – a symbol of German legal system,  according to which the Prussian administration at the beginning of the 20th century could function only within the applicable rules. The existing legal loopholes were often used by Poles for various patriotic activities. Former Credit Union Society building – a fancy headquarters of Polish first self-governing institution in Poznan which was famous as a place of important socio-political events in the history of the city.
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