The Warta River, which cuts across Poznań, provided its residents with many opportunities. They have tapped its potential and sought to tame its wild nature. By the late 19th century, Poznań’s economy had come to depend heavily on the river. A number of projects were directly associated with the Warta, all of which constituted successive stepping stones towards creating a modern city. The residents’ strategy was to choose tools that would help them achieve their goals as soon as possible.

Aerial videos: The former gasworks stationThe old Warta River bed



Coming from the train station, you can reach the Chwaliszewo District directly by tram: get on at the Poznań Główny or Most Dworcowy stops and get off at the Małe Garbary stop.
How to pay for public transit.
The Poznań Electronic City Card (PEKA).


A pay parking zone is available throughout the Chwaliszewo District.

Additional parking available at the Old Warta Riverbed

Parking fees information

At Chwaliszewo a must see is the Old Warta Riverbed which presents itself in the city by flood protection walls, former harbor as well as river related power and gas companies and water supply company.


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