At the end of the 18th century, Poznań fell under Prussian rule. It was then populated by Poles, Germans and Jews. Power, including the right to decide about city matters, was in the hands of the Germans. Poles, who were subject to many restrictions, refused to accept the central authority that determined their fates. Today’s centre of Poznań was for years the site of a cultural competition between Poles and Germans, in which various visions of city development clashed. To succeed with their initiatives, Poles had to skilfully handle the consequences of Prussian policies. They would often achieve their goals not by force but by ingenuity and perseverance.

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Coming from the train station, you can reach the Śródmieście District directly by tram: get on at the Poznań Główny or Most Dworcowy stops and get off at the Zamek, al. MarcinkowskiegoFredry or Pl. Cyryla Ratajskiego stops. How to pay for public transit. The Poznań Electronic City Card (PEKA). ACCESS BY CAR A pay parking zone is in place covering the entire city centre. Convenient parking is available at the underground parking garage at pl. Wolności.   SIGHTSEEING
CITY INFORMATION CENTRE ul. Ratajczaka 44 Mon.–Fri. 10am–7pm Sat. 10am–5pm
POZNAŃ NATIONAL MUSEUM GALLERY OF PAINTING AND SCULPTURE al. Marcinkowskiego 9 Tue.–Thu. 9am–3pm, Fri. 12noon–9pm Sat.–Sun. 11am–6pm
RACZYŃSKI LIBRARY pl. Wolności 19 Mon.–Fri. 9am–8pm Sat. 10am–5pm
ÓSMEGO DNIA THEATRE ul. Ratajczaka 44
POLSKI THEATRE ul. 27 Grudnia 8/10 
UNIVERSITY LIBRARY ul. Ratajczaka 38/40 Mon.–Fri. 9am–8pm Sat. 10am–5pm
LIBRARY OF POZNAŃ SOCIETY OF THE FRIENDS OF SCIENCES ul. Mielżyńskiego 27/29 Mon.–Tue. 11am–7pm Wed.–Fri. 9am–5pm
"ZAMEK" CULTURAL CENTRE ul. Św. Marcin 80/82
ANIMATION THEATRE ul. Św. Marcin 80/82
MUSEUM OF THE POZNAŃ UPRISING OF JUNE 1956 (Branch of the Wielkopolska Independence Museum) ul. Św. Marcin 80/82 Tue.–Fri. 9am–5pm, Sat.–Sun. 10am–4pm
TADEUSZ SZELIGOWSKI PHILHARMONIC OF POZNAŃ Concert hall: University Auditorium, ul. Wieniawskiego 1
The sights of the Śródmieście District: Wolności (Liberty) Square - the place where focused offices of former Prussian institutions, as well as still active - Polish, which were a tool in the struggle of the identity of the city. Castle District - a set of elegant buildings with a central imperial castle, an eloquent symbol of Prussian policy.
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Ogólny Trakt PLrirŚródmieście głównyCity Centre
Brama Poznania z lotu ptaka
Plac Wolności
Dzielnica Zamkowa