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Discover how you can experience the Royal-Imperial Route. Find out more about the Royal-Imperial Route’s guidebook, the free folders and events organised in different locations in the city as well as about how the Route is marked in the city space!

About the Royal-Imperial Route

City Centre

The 19th-century City Centre was an arena of a Polish-German cultural competition, in which different visions for the city’s development clashed. The fruit of the initiatives launched at that time is the historic architecture, which can still be admired today.

Old Town

For almost 800 years the Old Town has been home to many generations of Poznań’s inhabitants. Different eras left their mark on the city and enriched it. The unique personality of the place can be sill seen in the Old Town.

Cathedral Island

In the past many influential and prominent Church figures and lay people were connected to the Cathedral Island. In this oldest, historic part of Poznań you will take a closer look at the results of their activity.

Porta Posnania

Porta Posnania is the first center for heritage interpretation in Poland. Porta Posnania tells the story of the beginnings of the Polish state and the city of Poznań.

Facts about the Royal-Imperial Route

1 The Royal-Imperial Route leads through the Old Town Cultural Park in Poznań, which is a culturally-precious area under special conservatorial protection and care.
2 The name of the Royal-Imperial Route refers to the monarchs who lived or visited Poznań in the course of its one-thousand-year-old history.
3 Each summer we organise free walking tours with guides as well as other tourist and cultural events on the Route.
4 You can visit the Royal-Imperial Route on foot, by bike, by public transport or using modern urban mobility vehicles.
5 Each summer we organise free walking tours with guides as well as other tourist and cultural events on the Route.
6 The Royal-Imperial Route leads through an area called a Historic Monument. This title constitutes a special way of protecting monuments and historic sites in Poland. “Poznań – the historic urban complex” was granted the title of the Historic Monument in 2008.
7 The Royal-Imperial Route is also a series of free folders, a specially-designed guidebook for adults as well as a guidebook for children.
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