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Events at the Royal-Imperial Route

On the Royal-Imperial Route you can enjoy the first-hand experience of Poznań’s heritage.

Field of activity

Usually in the summer, tourist and cultural events are being organised on the Royal-Imperial Route. They help you delve deeper into the city’s heritage.

Significant phenomena

We commemorate on the Royal-Imperial Route important anniversaries as well as phenomena and processes which played a major role in the city’s history. Here the ideas and actions of the men and women living in Poznań over the centuries are brought back to life.

Free walking tour

Each summer, at least once a week, tourist guides wait in different locations in the city for everyone willing to go for a free walking tour and listen to the most intriguing stories of the old and contemporary Poznań.


Several times a year, we discover with you some forgotten or usually overlooked monuments and sites which are still guarding incredible secrets. This happens for example during the so-called Open Monument events (Zabytek Otwarty).

We often organise lectures and meetings in the most unusual places, exploring the past of our city. Workshops enable us to engage the participants and let them express themselves and demonstrate their abilities. Many a time the past is brought back to life thanks to old films which are screened with the use of mechanical projectors. The routine of everyday life of the city is broken by artistic and ambient events. Location-based games let us look at the streets as great entertainment fields.

Let's meet on the Royal Imperial-Route!

The Royal-Imperial Route can be discovered through all the senses: you can hear old instruments and smell the scent of the past inside churches, libraries and archives; the texture of old and valuable objects encourages you to touch them.

The guides and educators use imaginative approaches to presentation, heritage interpretation methods as well as acting and community animation techniques to help you experience Poznań’s heritage in a truly immersive and attractive way.

The array of events is open: every year we expand our offer of events on the Royal-Imperial Route.

Events on the Royal-Imperial Route are designed in such a way as to enable access for as wide an audience as possible. They are usually open and free.

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