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Explore the city

The trail of the Royal-Imperial Route is marked in the city space with special signposts. Walking the streets of Poznań, you will notice the characteristic sign of the Royal-Imperial Route among the city’s infrastructure.

Red openwork signs 

The red openwork signs with a symbol of a crown located on posts mark the main axis of the Royal-Imperial Route. If you follow them, you will see the most important places in Poznań.

Remember that the signposts are placed perpendicularly to your way – to find the right direction, you need to look right through them.

City’s old fortifications

On the surface of some of the old-town streets in the vicinity of the Old Market Square, you can see an outline of the walls and some of the city’s old fortifications marked with contrasting colours. These places are additionally marked with gold plaques located on the surface of the streets with an inscription saying ‘city walls’ and a symbol of a crown and a tower – the former version of the Royal-Imperial Route’s sign.

Information boards

You can also find horizontal information boards in the streets and in squares in Poznań. They describe (in several languages) the nearest surrounding and its meaning to the history of the city. These so-called ‘life rings’ provide easily-accessible, handy information which helps you discover the place you are in. They are part of the Royal-Imperial Route.

Tram lines

One of the tram lines in Poznań (number 17) also features the Royal-Imperial Route’s sign. You can see our crown on the interior and exterior display boards of the trams. The tram runs through all areas within the Royal-Imperial Route and makes it easy to explore Poznań’s most precious historic areas. This is the first, and so far the only, tram line in Poland which is marked this way.

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