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Start Discover The Royal-Imperial Route Poznań City Guide. The Royal-Imperial Route!

Poznań City Guide. The Royal-Imperial Route!

Poznań City Guide. The Royal-Imperial Route, published in 2016, will help you visit the main and additional trails of the Royal-Imperial Route.

The Guidebook will take you to the most important places in Poznań and help you discover the stories of the men and women creating the city over the centuries.

Poznań City Guide. The Royal-Imperial Route was published with a convenient spiral binding which makes it easy to read while you’re exploring the city.

Poznań City Guide. The Royal-Imperial Route is available in Polish and English.

The Guidebook won two major book awards in Poland: Magellan 2016 award (the first prize in a competition organised by Magazyn Literacki KSIAŻKI in the category Ilustrated Guidebook) as well as the first prize in the category Guidebooks during the 25th Polish Festival of Sightseeing and Travel Books (Ogólnopolski Przegląd Książki Krajoznawczej i Turystycznej).

The Guidebook:

  • takes you to the most fascinating areas in Poznań and shows you the most important places and monuments in the city
  • suggests the main and complementary tourist trails depending on how much time you have and what you find interesting
  • presents over 200 photos and images: both contemporary and historic
  • features maps to help you navigate through the city
  • offers useful tips on how to travel around the city and what to choose from the rich offer of Poznań’s cultural institutions

Where can I buy the Guidebook?

You can buy the Guidebook in Poznań in these places:

  • Porta Posnania (2 Gdańska Street)
  • Tourist Information Centre (59/60 Stary Rynek – the Old Market Square)
  • Cultural Information Centre (Arkadia, 44 Franciszka Ratajczaka Street)


Published by: TRAKT Cultural Tourist Centre, 2016.
Coordinator: Bartosz Małolepszy.
Authors: Bartosz Małolepszy (Cathedral Island, the Old Market Square), Maciej Moszyński (City Centre), Mikołaj Pukianiec (Old Town).
Design and typesetting: Wojciech Walasiak, Piotr Łysakowski.
Proofreading: Bożena Kapusta, Wioletta Sytek.

Price: 35 PLN
To order online, please contact us at: sklep@bramapoznania.pl

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