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Discover The Royal-Imperial Route

The Royal-Imperial Route is the main tourist and cultural trail in Poznań.

The Royal-Imperial Route takes you to the most interesting corners of the capital of the Wielkopolska region. It is a story whose main characters are the city and the forty generations of men and women living in Poznań over the centuries and creating its history. 

The Royal-Imperial Route is a collection of interconnected trails which help develop a special bond with this incredible one-thousand-year-old city.

Walk along the Route’s main axis and you will discover Poznań’s most important places and figures. You will follow the city’s history from the beginning of the settlement and the Piast dynasty to the burghers’ tenement houses to the monumental 20th-century buildings. The signposts with a symbol of a crown will guide you along the shortest way through the old city.

If you want to learn more about one of the districts of the old Poznań and discover its stories, check out the trails complementing the main Route. You will discover the centuries-old Cathedral Island, find traces of medieval and modern Poznań in the Old Town and learn of the pros and cons of the modernisation of the City Centre.

If you look further, you will find additional routes which follow former settlements and suburbs whose names and meaning are nowadays often forgotten. You will also visit places, streets and corners which are somewhat hidden in the urban thicket.

If you want to change your perspective, the Royal-Imperial Route offers you also some thematic trails: they will reveal the pathways and stories of the old ethnic and religious minorities, academics and women living in Poznań as well as other dimensions of Poznań’s rich history.

Whichever route you choose, you will encounter the traces of both those who witnessed and those who made the history of the city by the Warta River: the men and women living here who have been planning, acting, fighting obstacles and changing their surrounding over the centuries.

Meet them on the Royal-Imperial Route!

    Facts about the Royal-Imperial Route

    1 The Royal-Imperial Route leads through the Old Town Cultural Park in Poznań, which is a culturally-precious area under special conservatorial protection and care.
    2 The name of the Royal-Imperial Route refers to the monarchs who lived or visited Poznań in the course of its one-thousand-year-old history.
    3 Each summer we organise free walking tours with guides as well as other tourist and cultural events on the Route.
    4 You can visit the Royal-Imperial Route on foot, by bike, by public transport or using modern urban mobility vehicles.
    5 Each summer we organise free walking tours with guides as well as other tourist and cultural events on the Route.
    6 The Royal-Imperial Route leads through an area called a Historic Monument. This title constitutes a special way of protecting monuments and historic sites in Poland. “Poznań – the historic urban complex” was granted the title of the Historic Monument in 2008.
    7 The Royal-Imperial Route is also a series of free folders, a specially-designed guidebook for adults as well as a guidebook for children.
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